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Running Thoughts: Thinking Ahead and Routine Rest

28 August 2012

Writing Time Limit: 30 minutes

Today I’m providing a two for one deal because I never finished Sunday’s “Running Thoughts” post. Sunday’s run was the second 5-miler of the MRTC Road Race Series. My official time was 48:53–21 seconds slower than the first race.  This morning I ran at a much slower pace running 4.52 mile sin 47:44.

My big takeaway from Sunday’s run was the need for rest. I was exhausted. I had burned the candle at both ends for a couple of weeks, and my body rebelled. By the time I returned home from the race, I was sick and battling a stomach bug. Apart from heading to church to facilitate Sunday school, I spent the rest of the day in bed.

As I ran this morning, my thoughts centered around planning ahead for my 6th grade reading class. We are beginning I Am David (originally North to Freedom) by Anne Holm. The book will take us a few weeks to complete, but once finished I’d like the students to complete a project to demonstrate their understanding and lay groundwork for the project-based approach we will take in the second trimester. the specifics of the project are still fuzzy, but I’d like to incorporate some creativity, some arts, and soem thinking routines. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

The other thought that captured my attention this morning is my need for more routine rest. On school days I wake up at 4:45. There are many week nights that I don’t go to sleep until after midnight. (I typically accomplish a brief nap while putting Evelyn to bed.) My routine isn’t healthy, and I need to change it. I need more sleep. I need better disciplined in that area. While running, I considered a few ways to do this like turning all electronics off by 10 PM and getting the kids to bed earlier so I have more time to decompress from the day. I have no idea if these things will work, and I’m reluctant to not use my iPad after 10 PM since I do some much reading digitally. What works for you? Do you get enough sleep? How do you ensure you are getting the rest you need in order to perform at your best and accomplish all that needs to be done? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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  1. 29 August 2012 7:13 am

    Philip, these posts are so thoughtful and thought-provoking. Thank you. After almost 10 years of ambitious creep into my sleeping hours – so I could get more done – I realized that I was taking a slow, almost imperceptible toll on myself and my work and my family. A TED talk about sleep helped rattle my cage, as did my wonderful wife. As a cross country coach, I used to say, “Food is fuel, and sleep is maintenance.” Be wise to keep up the maintenance on your vehicle.

    I actually changed to a job that expected my research to be part of my work day. That’s not a solution for everyone, but it is making a world of difference in my life and my family’s life.

    • 5 September 2012 7:57 pm

      Thanks for the comment, Bo. I took a few days off from running. Got a few extra hours of sleep, and now I’m back at it again, but it’s been tough to get back into it. I need to be better disciplined about getting to bed at a decent hour. Unfortunately, night time (after the kids are down) is the only time Debbie and I have to be together so I usually give up sleep to hang out and be a boyfriend to my wife or catch up on my reading. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. While I would love to have more time to research and write during the school day, I cannot imagine giving up the teaching gig right now. I love it so. Maybe a catnap during my planning time might help… ;)

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